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    Soft breeze is blowing on a splendid morning of the mid October, Ontario, Canada. The hues of sun are visible and are radiating elegance. The light falls and bathes the shedded leaves of deciduous trees.

    Here she is , sitting in her personal library near a small ventilation window, looking out of it, sunken in grave thoughts. As she rolled her eyes and glanced past her room, she saw the 3 large wall sized bookshelves, her desk and comfortable seat. The seat was quite old and was curved by the wear and tear of customary toils. The fabric of the seat is quite faded and one can notice the ink stains here and there. The desk, old oakwood, had blunt corners after years of usage and all sort of pens and papers were kept it. That little cute handmade paperweight, which her daughter gifted her on her 30th birthday, was clinging to the pages who ought to run with the flow of wind.

    She had tied the knot of her life with her beloved husband 5 years ago. Five years of cheerful and frolicsome life with few ups and downs. She dearly loved her elder daughter Ashley and her younger son Benjamin, whom she sweetly called Benny.

    The pressure of completing the task in the given time interval was the reason of her wrinkled forehead, which she held in her hands. She was working on the plot, this was the dream book to her, since childhood was it awaited. As a child she never prevailed in understanding the complexity of words and messed up with the vocabulary everytime. Now after 30 years of experience in this intricate world, she was capable enough to accomplish her dream. Nudging the center of her specs with her index finger, she throws the 101st crumpled paper on the floor, wearing a gesture of frustration. Impatiently, she stands up and starts pacing around in her favorite confinement. She was thinking hard. "What should I do to that character in the end? I have to do justice with him. How is the protagonist gonna beat the villain? Think Vanessa think!" , she babbled to herself. Suddenly an idea hits her mind and she tripped over the crumpled papers twice and dashed to her desk. She started jotting down her notions. But just when she was about to write the most eloquent line of the end, her daughter came screaming at her,"Mom! Please help me getting rid of this evil Benny!". And her agile mind managed to slip that particularly eloquent line out of her mind.

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