• heartofbabel 8w

    [ Holy ]

    What are you, but loved, my friend
    I hold no wrong in record
    For Love is all I will attend
    Consume me in all measure
    I once was lost within the blame
    Felt the burden of transgressors
    That held me blind within a shame
    And kept me from my pleasures

    My own belief a stumbling block
    Accepting but a lie
    When Truth had put me on the spot
    I let doubt be my guide
    A fool to turn his back away
    Salvation left denied
    And lo’ I stayed to waste the day
    While never asking why

    Now, such could have been my story
    Tragically remained
    A man veiled from glory
    Held captive by dismay
    But I was wrapped and fortunate
    Truth beaming to relay
    Identity beyond the trick
    That I had once conveyed

    And now a subtle whisper
    Can call me from despair
    To get my life right back to track
    To greet its kind repair
    Not shackled by the faults and fears
    Which I was so aware
    Blinded by a history
    Which I need not compare

    Eyes and mind are open
    The heart is wide awake
    And this discourse of love
    Is a resonance of fate
    The absolute of liberty
    A rapture right into grace
    For no matter what’s surrounding
    There is freedom to partake

    No, I will not forsake
    When the feast is right before me
    I will not feel ashamed
    Not let a lie keep me from glory
    For I’ve been shown a living truth
    Releasing me of worry
    Erasing all of fiction
    As it authors out my story

    And hope, for the first time
    Has overcome my life
    And seeing for the first time
    I finally have my sight
    Was blinded by corruptions
    And burdened by their strife
    But now the yoke is easy
    And the burden, it is light

    And what am I, but love, my friends
    As Love has come to know me
    And what have I but strength at hand
    As joy has come to show me
    Released in whole of all condemn
    No longer am I lonely
    To see and know truth apprehend
    Transforming me as holy

    © GaratheDen
    © HeartOfBabel