• poetsummer 22w

    Wavering Thoughts

    I thought I was done,
    Done with those noxious thoughts.
    I have been searching for myself,
    And I'm still searching for myself,
    Is that how it feels, this nauseating thought.

    Eating up my sleep,
    Leeching off my spirit, I am drained.
    I still can't deal with my emotions,
    I'm suddenly feeling useless
    Searching for inspirational words every day,
    But I know, I won't get inspired.

    Am I Joker?
    Or is life playing pranks with me?
    Why is this game night taking forever?
    It just doesn't feel right that I am losing,
    My emotions are messed up,
    So is my head.

    I'm dailing emergency,
    But even the emergency gets busy too,
    I understand, I can wait, I always wait.
    I don't get why I am crying,
    I guess feeling little gets big,
    Bigger, and bigger that it makes you feel stupid.

    ┬ęToshi V Jamir