• aaleemrm 7w

    A Poem for My Dad

    Besides the nurses and doctors in the room
    He was the first of two that I knew
    He brought Motherhood to Mom
    For the fourth time from her womb
    He bought her food to curb her cravings
    on midnights and afternoons
    And presents of fancy dresses
    For the princes she gave birth to
    He’s the one that faced demons
    Defeated and never went back
    He’s the one that loved his freedom
    He spread joy
    And made people laugh
    He’s the one that barely had
    would anyway give you his last
    He’s the man that he needed to be
    So he could live through
    heartache and past
    He was a father to his friends
    And loved his enemies
    Even when they spat in his face
    He turned the other cheek
    He’s the one who did the work
    While everyone was asleep
    And he kept the peace 
    Even when there was hate
    He helped anyone in need
    He faced a lot of hardship
    He faced a lot alone
    He faced a lot of darker times
    But when he fell, he rose,
    Everybody he knew
    loved when he was around
    He’s the one who taught the elders
    And gave life to kids
    Whose Dads were
    nowhere to be found
    He’s the one I always wanted close
    Always wanted a part of my life
    As long as he lives on through me
    I know that I'll be alright…*