• wild_aish 59w

    Bg: ©wild_aish #mirakee #balcony_musings
    {....and why do all these poets write only about the moon when it's the sun who's glow he steals?}
    PS: no selenophiles were harmed in the writing of this post.

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    You are one shameless lover
    High on sea breeze
    You come every evening; uninvited.
    From teasing the tall palms
    To flirting with my split ends,
    If I could only look you in the eyes 'O sun
    Would you know,
    The way these hazel eyes
    Desperately wait for you
    To show up and
    Make my pale walls, gleam in hues of
    Goldens and orange,
    Leaving a tint of sangria on my lips,
    As you sink into the horizon,
    Making love to the dusk...