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    //Between the flames and the fireplace//
    ~A love story

    If there were any phrase so fit,
    it would be "A Doomed Forever"

    I remember her surging, from the stricken match
    a minuscule of spark as if
    rekindling towards heavens from
    the abysses of Hades.

    And she flinched to unravel, but slowly caressed
    the highest of timber in the stack, flickering
    in delight. Her tips
    scintillate like shooting stars, her indigo heart,
    concealed within her orange drapes. I gleamed
    in her presence and warmth.
    I was the fireplace and she was flames.

    She metamorphosed all woods to dust,
    bestowing all over upon my floor, a souvenir.
    Like a Phoenix tiptoeing
    to my roof, a kiss every time
    to my scarlet face. She soothed
    my worn-out bricks, blowing the burnt embers
    as stardust.

    //How desperate you must be for warmth and flush that you happily succumb the ashen skies!//

    Forged in my lap, had been
    a hundreds of flames,
    and the ashes of them but only delusions.
    She pirouetted with radiance
    as if humming me a serenade. Her
    fervour and anguish, reverberating my walls.
    she makes me look like I've known her forever.

    I wish I were an ocean, devouring
    the last of her sunrays, every dusk,
    Kissing the blush of her sky, every dawn.
    She was an unknown Deja Vu,
    evoking the touch
    I had never ever discerned.
    She was made to be mine, I wish I were not a fireplace and she, not ephemeral flames.

    //But Is it still a promise if we knew we are gonna break it soon?//

    I loosened my bricks for her to linger upon. Withering my bits, lifting her up,
    perhaps hampering with the time.
    My crimson will soon turn to a cinder.
    And I relish that dusk and darkness,
    for her ephemeral light suffices me for my perpetual seared skin.
    Maybe they will clot them back,
    And I will have her then etched in myself, forever.

    //Is it still love, if it compels you to char in hell.//

    ~ I watched him, as he intentionally lowered his bricks, and I yearned
    for him to stop dishevelling for me.
    I helplessly strive to spare his parts,
    out of my touch, gasping for life.
    I had but count my seconds remaining.
    So I fervently kissed his all fallen pieces with my last flicker.
    For I knew he would have done
    this for me too.
    //Is it still forever if I can't foresee him being mine?//


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