• somanynames 118w

    Just Blues and Greys

    Just blues and greys
    We never opted for
    Why not pastel colours and warm hugs ?
    But like the colour of your sheets u faded.
    I recount,
    How carried away by path itself
    I wrecked u up
    Your mama red listed my name
    Calls, a venom to my son
    But u said, our bodily presence is a house of candy
    Diving into nostalgia, your room fills with memories and gasp breath
    Testing our faith everytime
    We resist, we fail, we smile
    Like coloured building blocks
    We break, we fix ,we live
    But this time it was different
    Steps were counted not as numbers
    But a leap, away from my vision
    As I choose to stay
    You took your voyage to your new love