• hylzarie 30w

    Nowadays I'm feeling like
    my words are not with me.
    My heart is overflowing with lots of emotions
    But I'm not able to put them in words.
    I'm scared
    to rip my heart open in front of someone,
    So I hold my heart firmly
    and don't let it slip away.
    Every time I hold my pen
    to lay down my emotions
    But I end up creating scenarios in my mind.
    Everytime I try to pour my heart out
    in front of someone
    But I end up the conversation
    with a smiling face.
    I find myself wallowing
    in a puddle of Bitterness.
    To define these emotions,
    I'm chasing all metaphors
    that are rusted with sadness
    with a stare on that dull wall
    as if they are lingering
    In the cracks of sanity.
    There are many questions,
    floating in my head.
    ||Breathing but not alive,
    Lifeless but not dead.||