• maiatamarain 11w

    #wod #beauty @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Beauty is upon you like caramel on an ice cream
    The beauty of penning down gorgeous mistakes
    I walk past the same homestead as you do
    I suspire the unmistakable fragrance from a snacks counter same as you
    Work all weekdays return with a headache
    Like yours my weekends are relaxing too
    But how do you sum it all up in a piece of poetry?
    I tried and failed writing terrors and fantasy nights
    Held my diary up in the sky like a floating bird
    To see if the blues could dive in these pages
    Tiptoed your steps in search of finding a poet in me
    Sat in silence to adore the beauty of starlings
    Read books to invite knowledge for a brunch with me
    But how do you convince everything to be in your poetry?
    Evenings spent watering thirsty plants
    Watched sunsets breathe twilight
    Tried writing some sonnets by the spring tree
    In hopes of them telling me secrets hidden In those stanzas
    Buckled up my shoes for a journey not so long
    To find beauty in mosses and lichens
    Seasons afloat but I'm still here in this cage
    Where the bars are made up of metaphors
    Soon will I find a key and come up with a poem
    Of my own so bright that this time beauty shall be all mine

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