• smileyme 55w

    I want to talk to you too. But I need time now. Do you know why? It’s cause I misunderstood you too much, and you misunderstood me too much. That even when I talk to you, I know that we can’t resolve the misunderstanding in one day or one week or a month. It’ll probably take many months.But the reason why I took a break from you was cause your words somehow hurt me too much. That even when I wanted to talk to you, I couldn’t . Cause I was afraid of being hurt by you. You said that I didn’t care about you. But to be honest I really did but somehow I was too hurt by you to say I cared. Somehow it’s been a year and I’m still feeling hurt by everything you said. I know I need to move on from those words but I need time. Because a part of me has already been pricked many times , just right at the part where you pricked me. If I don’t come back on time, it’s not because I don’t care, but I guess I’m just afraid of being hurt by you.