• _ghar_ 21w

    Dear boy in indigo sweatshirt,

    I saw you scribbling your pencil on the pages of your chestnut notebook, perhaps you were inking poetries, love letters to someone or conceivably just a bucket list for binge reading throughout this whole year or mayhap some salient pointers for your forthcoming exams.

    The way you were constantly lifting up your square rounded spectacles through the bridges of your nose can indisputably make anyone to fall for you. I wonder if you are fond of vermillion sunsets too, or maybe you are also obsessed with the irregular reflections of cityscapes emblazoned with wine outskirts of night sky and polluted breeze on your balcony's windows. I wonder if you often camouflage yourself in the purposeful lyrics and placating music of your playlist to escape some hurts of the reality too, just like me.

    Yesterday for the first time, I took no notice of my favourite novel just because I was gazing at an empyrean aura of you. Whilst i was covertly looking at you, all of the sudden, your eyes met mine, my heart skipped a vehement beat and then it stopped for a moment, I felt this sudden rush of serotonin in every smidgen of my blood and bones, I felt for the first time, that how it feels like to be in love at first sight.

    ~Nobody to you


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