• zariie 49w

    Love is...

    When she loves you unconditionally, Inspite of all your conditions.
    Realize....she is worth more than any gold, silver or diamonds.

    When she waits for you patiently on a weekend,
    Even when she knows not turning up is your trend.

    When you do not see her yet feel her warmth.
    When you drop in when she least expects.

    When she "poses" and says "M alright"
    And you know she is not, because of your foresight.

    Everytime you whisper those three magical words, For her it means the world.

    When you listen to her repeated story for 110th time and pose as if it were the first.
    Because you know, the chaos in her would calm only by this outburst.

    When you Lend her your shoulder in her distress.
    And Hold her hand, comprehend the words in her silence.

    Never let such a soulmate go, Speak your heart before its too late,
    Dont be a slave to your ego. Cherish your Loved one, do not walk away leaving them desolate.