• childauthor_345 37w

    Rope is sting of the bee .
    Consequence on your hands
    Lap the lap and beat the clap
    Until the ribbons are yet to bands .

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    Don't you know , how to recall
    In the flashes of bonnets , how to refall
    The falls , the shawls , the line filled hall
    Escaped very carefully over laughter of doll

    Delights of the survey , gazing the universe
    All empty yet completing in the shadows
    Where the disaster of prints landed on closet
    Neither angelic , nor devilish yet humans running over meadows

    Exclusion of hexagonal clouds for arrival
    May the comb over cancer is crucial for survival
    Look , I trimmed hailstones into soothing snowmans
    Now , stop counting down the moments introducing clans

    Rays are twinkling over tiny squares
    Tanged over nectars with beautiful butterflies
    Alike the sparkles fairy throw at nights
    Without apologizing ink frame when chick cries

    If the shouts are impactful
    Touch the soil of invisible beat
    Just hold the hand until stanzas
    Where moment freeze
    we will become poet's concrete