• utkarshpandey 171w

    SandMan is coming

    sand man is coming ,
    sand man is sleek .
    sand man is out to find people ,
    sitting in downside creek .

    Grinning Screaming Drifting wafting ,
    groaning soaring fighting flaunting ,
    yet fading in the sand ,
    with the ashes they did wore .

    sand man is coming ,
    he quarter down a mile .
    chanting the hymns in the air
    howling a loud loud noise .

    down the stream here they sit ,
    confounded ashes to sand .
    yet fading in ember of those ,
    who waited for the sand man .

    like bliss off the clench.
    streams of the sand,
    have flourished the long sad creek.
    sand man has come to rescue for thou,
    faded in cold night sleep .

    with arms full of holy sand
    their happiness did thrive,
    inside there pale and weary skin ,
    the sand man has arrived.

    where art thou ,
    asked the holy men.
    thee can't touch nor see .
    we waited long to hath the sand,
    let us bow to you compeer.

    bow the earth to look your feet ,
    in stream of water and sand ,
    your reflection above your feet is me ,
    replied the old sand man !

    the sand man is me