• krwriteup 33w


    You taught me right so that I could make my own decisions.
    You taught me well so that I won't turn in
    Towards the wrong direction.
    You cleaned my clothes, the ones I never tried to clean up.
    You cooked all my favorite dishes even when I haven't asked for them.
    You always placed me high so that I won't fall.
    You always showed me the brighter side so that I don't see the darkness.
    You well planned my future so that I won't struggle much.
    You buried your dreams for me and turned my dreams into reality.
    I had never realized your worth and the love you bestowed upon me.
    I never felt the importance of the love that you have always blessed me with.
    I am sorry for letting you down, I am sorry for not loving you like you always needed.
    I am sorry for all the excuses and the lies I told you.
    Being away from you and home I realized that I am lost and incomplete.
    I want to delete all the bad memories and want to capture the new ones with you. I love you to the moon and back Mom.

    An open letter of apology.
    From Your beloved Daughter ❤