• raz_feel 76w


    They are standing so tall,
    Helping us to overcome the fall
    It's their hard work that has kept the country going,
    For we would have lost hope and just kept weeping

    Never did they thought about them or their family,
    Their duty towards us showed love for our country
    Selflessly working together for hours so long,
    Never did they complained, nor did they frawn
    They say our family is also worried for us
    But we kept our beloved country first

    Visiting our homes had turned like a dream
    Desperately waiting when will the signal turn green
    Our kids are crying, worried and concerned,
    Shouting and claiming we are also disturbed
    Oh mom! Oh dad! Please be safe
    You are the soldiers forever so brave.

    During this battle we lost many of our friends
    Struggling to save our countrymen till the end.
    Looking at the covid patients our heart starts to melt,
    For they say u are our God that's how we felt

    Today without any vaccines to cure.
    Displaying their duty towards our country is so pure .
    The war will end and we will surely win.
    We are all ready to celebrate this scene

    We will promise to deliver our best in this time
    Request your support to help us to make all fine.

    Raziya B