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    #miss you sir��

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    From crests and troughs he was with us,
    To our astonishment it's so early that he left us.

    Being traumatised I am unable to think,
    What about the moments that passed in a blink.

    We will miss him in our life forever,
    He was a person with no attitude and a great temper.

    With all the students he made this unforgettable link,
    For his students he was no less than a frink.

    Now we find ourselves quarrelling with god,
    To give him back is what we want now, my lord!!

    It's not only his teaching skills,
    But everybody's heart that his love fills.

    Just as a companion and a partner,
    He taught us difficulties are there to conquer.

    I regret what I told few days ago,
    If the punishment is hell , am ready to go.

    We know he is with us, just not between us,
    One day we will meet him and it will be marvelous.

    To see his students shine was his only dream,
    Yes, we all are broken as we lost him.