• utkarshpandey 61w

    One Who Saw The End Of War

    With all these laughing barrels,
    and groans,the wind passes by.
    As the suns too tired ,
    to rush off from the bloody sky,
    And the darkness falls off ,
    laughing at this chaos in the light,
    Fire brightens up the results on the ground,
    The quest for being human is not erased nor drowned ,
    As dead land under starts moaning a cruel sound,
    There is not a bit of life , but fear and enough wound,
    The man laying here are not brought but bound,
    To their rusted guns and those shells of bullets,
    Only life found is on those smoked cigarettes,
    Which once lighten by a living soul,
    and dissolved in his breath,
    Or on the packet where he packed the last three left,
    Like he was willing the sun to shine different sides,
    Or it may be packed for some other life,
    As if he knew there's no escape
    from this hell, this homocide,
    For the sake of boundaries ,
    and couple of human rights,
    Cause the hands of leaders are quite short to climb otherside,
    Which ended very well with the picture in his right,
    Drowned in blood
    pretty hard to recognize