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    I found this picture on my Instagram feed last night. The post said that these two penguins meet every night at a place in Melbourne, watching lights for hours. The lighter penguin is an elderly female whose partner died this year. The darker one is a male who lost his partner two years ago.

    So the following is an imaginary conversation between both the penguins. I have named the female penguin Ellie and the other one John. Their dead partners are Mike and Linda respectively.

    Now enjoy reading the post♥️


    "You know, Mike used to love this place, this exact spot", said Ellie, barely holding back tears. John knew exactly how she was feeling at that moment, so he gently placed an arm around her back, comforting her while the cold sea breeze weighed down their hearts with forlorness.

    Three months ago, Ellie lost her husband Mike in a tragic accident. He had gone fishing to fetch food for supper, but never returned. Witnesses claimed to have seen a giant sea lion attack him from behind. Poor Mike couldn't swim as fast as his younger self, and that monster engulfed him, leaving no trace except for the last ripples of Mike's jovial voice. What a jolly good fellow he was. Alas! All good things come to an end after all.

    "Would you like to know what Linda's last words to me were?", asked John, staring at the rising tides, and listening to the sweet song of waves as they clattered against the shore, "I've never shared that last piece of memory with anyone else". To this, Ellie nodded with a deep sigh, suppressing that piercing ache inside.

    John began to speak with his eyes closed, as if he were reliving that moment in his mind, "Lying there, on her deathbed, she seemed like an angel with an old, wrinkled face and sparkling eyes. Life was draining from her body, but not from her eyes, never from her eyes! Those were my whole world, two twinkling stars emitting the divine light. Even while going through that excruciating pain, she was smiling, my precious! She took my wobbly hands into hers and planted a soft kiss on the back of my flippers. I can still feel the warmth of her lips if I press that spot softly. Betwixt those smothery breaths, she managed to whisper that she would love me till the day the hell freezes over, and that she would watch me from the stars every night, and if there's even a hint of tears in my eyes, she would send a fragment of herself down from the sky, a glowing trail of her love, a shooting star, for me to cling onto something that carries her essence."

    After a brief pause, he continued, "So every night I behold these stagnant stars, hoping for a tiny piece to fall off, so that I'll know that my Linda is up there, watching over me." Ellie stood there in silence, processing what she had just heard, and then looked up at the sky with her eyes fixated on a star flickering faintly, as if it were Mike, winking at her for having discovered the secret of all star-crossed lovers.


    Pic credit: tobiasvisuals

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