• prachii_ 13w

    I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.
    ~Edgar Allen Poe

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    On the edge I stand,
    counting my sins and sorrows
    that choke my dreams
    and curse my screams.

    I opened my granny's case,
    found some Polaroid shots,
    howling like a kid so thrilled,
    with free shoulders
    and no sand to slip,
    but to make castles outta it.

    I wear my stilettos in pride,
    to flaunt and flaunt and flaunt,
    and the blister awaits,
    to taunt and taunt and taunt,
    teaching me the ways,
    to carry heels in public
    and then in hands.

    Fears made me strong
    but not anymore,
    when dolphins wander,
    all I see is sharks flounder.

    What appeared good
    is no more the best.
    What appeared bad,
    is now the worst.
    Is now the worst.
    is now the worst.