• _sneha__19 4w


    His lips were like the ferries wheel, always circling back around and bringing about new sights with every spin.
    His mind would walk a mile a minute in mine,trying to see and learn everything about me-making sure there was nothing missed on the map.
    His kiss was like cotton candy,sweet all the way through and melting on my tongue in the most nostalgic way.
    His eyes lit up Like the mid-way when the sun went down and I knew I could stare into those blue universes forever.
    He won me over like the bottle-and-hoop game; every time making me feel like I was the lottery he had the luckiest ticket.
    I'd known him forever, seen him a million times, but i always felt like a tourist lost in the crowd when he would say my name.
    Isn't that how the grand things are though?
    They can make the most experienced map reader feel lost.