• hannaabideen 26w


    She is a poetess,
    A landscape of letters
    With zillions of thoughts.

    She is a poetess,
    A vessel of melancholy
    Pouring a cup of words.

    She is a poetess,
    An unequivocal love
    Carrying definition of beauty.

    She is a poetess,
    A rebellious lady
    Sinking into the depth of purity.

    She is a poetess,
    Treats like a psychiatrist herself
    With extended rollercoaster of emotions.

    When day and night merge,
    She lifts her heavier quill up and
    Spell the broken tales of silent nights.

    She herself is a poetry,
    Like stars fall deep down into oceans
    And swim whole lives as starfishes.

    She herself is a poetry,
    Like a tree stops holding the empty leaves
    But the falling leaves fall for a new phase.

    Neither she is a tiny black sack of sin
    Grown up under the dark brown lady's burden
    But a human rich in melanin.

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