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    This Lyrics is Written for people who are going through a Hard time in their Lives. I wrote this Lyrics in the Views to the Victim of Bad Peer Pressures, Abusive Relationship, Taken Advantage, Healing from Toxic People.
    This goes out for all of you guys.

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    That Rhythm.

    Verse 1:
    I had danced to his Needs at times.
    I danced with bloodied feet.
    I knew about his Ex's and Oh's.
    I still didn't Leave when it was time to leave.
    I had Fake Friends and Fake Sisters.
    I have been Dancing to their Need!
    I'm Blamed and Judged by their Scrutiny!
    I'm Not Writing my Destiny!
    ( Oh oh OH!!)

    I was a Temporary Pleasure to Him.
    I was an Information Sheet to Her.
    I'm not a Slave to their Rhythm!
    I'm a Slave to my Passion. ( Oh )
    I'm not a Slave to their Rhythm! X4

    Verse 2:
    They played a Tune of Lie.
    Hoping I would still Dance till I bleed.
    I shut out the Door.And The People too,
    To show them that my Beast is Still Alive!

    X 1

    I gave my All for them to see their Worth!
    But it was so Wrongly Interpreted!
    I had no worth in their Lives!
    So I Left with a Love.
    Because I started with Love ( OH!)

    Verse 3:
    I spent a week trying to let them go.
    To drown all their memories and Words.
    I still can't believe how quickly I have Destroyed my Life...
    By making them a Priority! ( Eeh!)

    Chorus :
    I'm the Master of my Passion! ( Oh )
    I'm the Owner of my Life now! ( Whoa)
    I have my Sword ready to Cut off their heads!
    I'm not a Slave to their Rhythm ( uhh )
    I'm a Slave to my Passion ( OH!)

    I'm not a Slave to their Rhythm,
    That rhythm, that Lie ,
    That Beautiful Lie;
    I'm not a Slave to their Rhythm!
    Not Anymore!
    ( X 4)