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    This is the tale of two sisters.

    The first sister was often misunderstood, overlooked and ignored. But she was incredibly sincere and steadfast.Those who looked at her long enough couldn't forget her intrinsic luminescence and undeniable allure. There was peace to be found in her company, and yet the second sister was the favoured one.
    Sometimes she used to look at her sibling and wonder why everyone always noticed her sister and not her.

    The second sister was dazzling and very pleasing to the eye. The moment people saw her, they were riveted. They sought her company more often than that of her sister. Nary a man was immune to her charms. Her appeal was ubiquitous.
    People fought for her company. And so wherever she went...there was chaos.
    But she was a slave to time...never able to stay anywhere for long.
    Her name was Pulchritude.
    And her lesser known sister, the firstborn was Beauty.

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    Tale of two sisters

    I am the most misconceived concept on this earth.
    I am invisible to the casual eye.
    So do not make futile attempts to search for me
    In buxom forms, symmetrical faces, perfect shoulders, toned bodies and so forth.
    But there are still ways to discover me...

    Find me in the heart of a selfless mother,
    Or in the eyes of a gentle yet overprotective brother
    Seek me in the devoted arms of true love,
    Only the insightful will perceive me.

    I am Beauty,
    Like the ether, elusive and serene
    Beyond this realm of flesh and bones
    I was created to be felt, not seen.