• meghaa_ 14w


    The hues of the setting sun that sink in the polaroid of gloomy skies gulping halted traffic lights and smokes of a burning cigar of a familiar stranger


    The stains of harsh tides that takes away the promises written on feeble sandy realms and the forget-me-not ebbs that leaves you sea shells to adorn your clay castles of memories


    The marigold that blooms in a forbidden garden faraway from this half-dead city lights, a lady that sells hope in earthen vases that your mother fills with Vangogh's sunflowers


    The ivory crown of the starry sky his silk-haired mother dotes on hoping he'll return from the land of dead bringing her a pearl pendant

    ~ Black

    The colour of heartbreaks or the meek poetries she adorns between her hair strands and longs for spring to bloom in her cold heart.

    ~M e g h a // Taints

    #mondo#wod #meg_wn #megmi

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