• tingesofhysteria 38w

    Your past haunts you in your daydreams.
    And every single day has become a nightmarish ghost
    For you can't let go of the taunts you were hurled at as a school boy
    And the bullying !
    The name-calling is still etched in your skin like a second layer of skin you can't quite shed ..

    tsunamis of words you thought were winds are flooding your stitched heart
    And your mind..... embossed like an ancient sculpture
    there's a depression full of blued blood that no sponge can absorb
    Your life you feel is nightmarish and

    Perhaps there's an enchantress of purgatory behind you and perhaps you aren't averted to her
    Memories like flashes from the past darken your room
    And your mother's " you give us nothing for what we give you " echoes back and forth

    Accusations and recriminations ( counter accusations ) fall on your palms in guise of tears...
    You don't know what to do ....
    The feeling that your life has been sabotaged by your sings inside your heart And poisons your future .
    You feel petrified .... The entire universe is pelting away and you're a statue with no future ,
    Or at least that's what you think
    But darling , you'll make it through safe and sound .

    Go ask that aisle between the desks of your school ,
    Ask the hallway your love avoided you in ,
    Ask your bedroom , ask the sky you envy , ask the paper you're writing this on ,
    And ask the chair you sitting in ....
    All in a cluster of voices will say ,
    "Your past and future are conjoined twins ,
    You can't separate them but what you can do is pick the bricks of your sabotaged past one after the other and build a colossal future "

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