• to_and_fro 44w


    I have decided not to harm anybody directly or indirectly from now...
    I have decided not to let myself be someone's timeline...
    I have decided to make everybody free to live and think.

    So I request those people not to get worried because of me,
    If this worry is a reflection of your love for me, then please don't even love me.

    I have just started hating the word "Love", which I always admired of,
    Now it's unbearable to hear that someone loves me, because love seems to be disrespectful af.

    So please don't love me,
    Don't say you love me,
    And don't even think about me,
    Because I don't need love,
    All I need is "understanding"...
    I know you don't have this,
    then please stay away from me.
    Just stay far away from me.