• cmitchem 32w


    Desperate for that feeling,
    That feeling when things were new.
    On one knee, before you kneeling,
    Commiting my whole life to you.

    The passion blazed like fire,
    I was a king in your eyes.
    Fulfilling our every desire,
    Our stomachs filled with butterflies.

    We started off so young,
    Learning life as it came.
    Over our heads, uncertainty hung,
    Together we stood, without shame.

    All was never lost,
    The embers still have their glow.
    Some rekindling could melt the frost,
    And our new flame could clear the snow.

    Our love has not gone cold,
    Life has just taken the heat,
    So let's add some fuel before we grow old,
    In the middle is where we will meet.