• reighus 60w

    Year 2020

    Year 2020, chaotic everything is falling down, deaths, fires, riots. It's all around, wake up in morning feeling good, calm wrapped in your blanket like wow today is going be great. then the chaos on the news of 2020 hits you down, but you know what, we got to keep our head up, the moment we let go is the second we will fall, we know this ladies an gentlemen, find your ease peace an calm, find your way, no holding back, Because this world has gotten cold 0 below, an our people, our family is freezing up an we need god to warm our soul. So yeah 2020 sucks all around, but we can all rise an overcome within god no matter how. Just live full positive within god or how you do it, just don't sink in the negatives,pray for the firefighters, the black Americans an white, all races because allot of us just thrown in the fight of the dark with no light, so be there for one another hold your family an friends close because this year of 2020 an over yet so stay safe trust God an don't let go of that.