• meghaa_ 18w


    In God's grey reign
    Where perfection
    Is a lie,
    I stand 17 summers later
    Nurturing a sunflower in my palms
    And grey promises on my forehead
    Growing up
    Feels like painting a sunset
    On wooden fences,
    You never get the colours right
    Or planting a skyline
    On both sides
    Of an uneven smile
    Growing up is a story
    Whose end is a two-way street,
    But your feet are heavy
    From carrying the weight,
    Of faint memories
    While your name
    Is baptised by the clouds
    Growth knocks on your foggy windows
    An apocalypse disguised as home
    Growing up is a poetry
    Metamorphosing to a song
    A Vangogh's sky in the making,
    A dried paintbrush,
    A dull panorama
    And it's okay,
    If your painting,
    Is not an art
    In God's grey reign
    All artists
    Have a story
    But growth,
    Is an abstract poem

    ~M e g h a / Growing up is like painting a sky picture

    #growth #wod #meg_wn #megmi

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