• dosbambi 24w

    How many times, or have you ever gotten a heartbreak because of age difference?

    Plz, tell me in the comment section

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    She said no, no to my yes.
    She said, she's too old for my yes.
    Five years is her too old for my yes.
    I told her, that's not a long bridge for my yes.
    She insisted, she doesn't want to think about my yes.
    Her hands couldn't leave my hands, and her eyes
    so beautiful, like the stars shinning at night,
    wouldn't agree with her words cos
    her heart is in a fight with her
    tongue over her words.
    She cared too much for her ego
    and pride that, she let me go
    with the river that flowed
    from her beautiful eyes.
    I didn't know her age is
    strong enough to
    stop our love!