• ablaze_writer 49w

    When somedays i look at my reflections just for a fraction of second i feel alive. That how in this whole earth of billions of people i am the owner of this face. This is the face inscribed in my mother's memories to be her first child,
    that there is this particular smile my best friend sees when she cracks up a joke,
    That their is this specific face i make before i cry which my diary noticed,
    That how i squint my eyes before the alarm rings,
    and that how in this brief moment i am the one having this piece of identity.
         That this face sometimes gives happines to people who love me and sometimes pisses the one's who hate me. Well, that might be extreme to say but yeah it's not false that how sometimes i wished i had dimples or set of blue eyes but then i remember this is the face of person i loved the most in my past life. (//There’s a Japanese legend, your face at present is the face of the one you loved the most in your past life.// )
    That no amount of dimples or blue eyes would've filled my heart with joy if they weren't for this chubby cheeks and brown eyes which resemble the dark hole consuming those blue skies.
    I am having this identity which my soul has bonded with maybe for a thousand lives.
    And that how I had be disrespecting myself if i didn't love each part of me.
    That how i had like to love myself in a way that if i were to be born again
    I'd look at my reflections each day
    And feel alive again and again...
    - Vaishnavi.

    Taking classes of self-love from Kim Seokjin this days :-P
    Also this is lame...

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