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    have this one story and it is worth telling for
    I have this one human being that's worth to treasure
    now, let me start my story.
    I wake up each morning and go straight away to the mirror there I found myself with a smile painted on my face so kind, so soft and so genuine
    as I recall my dream I had on you
    beautiful eyes, rossy cheeks, warm smiles and contagious laugh of yours that I will never get tired of hearing and a I open my eyes I realized that my dream have come true
    through ups and downs, failures and success I hold onto you and to the love we have formed I want you to know that as long as lived my love for you will not end just put your hand on my chest and feel the beating of my heart
    you give me satisfaction that I found the one for me
    maybe were not a picture perfect couple and far away from a fairytale love story but the struggles and tears
    are what makes us stronger and show that our love is pure and worth fighting for