• sayan_naskar 17w


    An ambience of solace, worshipped by clouds of smoke from dying cigarettes bloom in the sky at night. A poignant reminder, wading through layers of memories leaves a stench smell of sulphur. Subdued screams bandage the wounds with blisters. Inane reminiscence rakes up the effrontery to question the relevance of existence. The cerebrum provides no indemnity for the blue splotched heart. relief peeps from a distance, drops of tears apart. The moonlight illuminates the balcony, but the room sobs in seclusion, the caress of light does not perfuse the abandoned. Flow of time is seized to warrant exoneration but the clock insolently refrains from submission. Rebuttals of a mutilated heart find themselves in a rusty bin of trash, infested with flies and maggots. Beyond the visible skyline, the stars align to beckon to Oblivion. Garrison retreats as the fragile skeleton reaches for a jacket to put on. A new day is getting ready to put the sun back on the horizon.

    ©Sayan_Naskar ( Shady )