• elhuzzy 14w

    Here comes the year 2021.

    I'm grateful to Almighty (Allah) who offers me the opportunity to witness the beginning of this year.

    The past year has taught me so much to remember.

    This is a year that I'll be more intentional about my goals, plans, and ambitions.

    I'm open to building quality relationships and networking which will shape and mould my future.

    This year I won't settle for less.

    I will go on, move on, try my best, to make it a year to remember in my course of life.

    I'll focused on my journey of self-discovery, carving my niche, speaking my say, learning, relearning, unlearning, and driving my purpose towards my own destination.

    I'll meet and get connection to people of great value who will change my life for good.

    I'll refresh my friendship circle.

    I'll avoid any friendship or relationship which will cause me misfortunes, regrets, and failure.

    I'll be myself.

    I won't change my personality to fit in other people shoes.

    I'll replace the tears of sorrow with joy.

    I'll move the mountains, walk thousands miles, overcome every obstacle, survive every adversity, and work hard to be the best version of myself.

    I am not Abubakar or Usman.

    I am Yahuza.

    ©Yahuza Abdulkadir