• amsterdam 6w

    We could have been mistaken
    A married couple
    Cruising the world
    In style
    If only no one pulled the trigger
    And shot Cupid in the eye

    We could have been
    Honeymooners in Maldives
    Barenaked in the sand
    Yet, here we are
    Writing poems about bullets and graveyards
    As if the pristine sky
    Has gone mad

    I know a dream
    Could end so soon
    Before you figure out what's going on,
    And the clock would stop ticking
    Dragging the labored whiffs of dawn

    In places where the sun has failed to visit
    I'm a broken memory of a leaf
    Stitching flimsy patterns,
    The fragments of my swollen mistakes,
    No one told me
    What once made your toes curl
    In time could turn to dust,
    For all along
    I thought that love would last forever,
    But, oh well, I was wrong.

    the #end is pffft. Good night @murryben ��

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