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    A little sunflower!

    Even if the garden briar thorns
    Pierces her feed when she stand tomorrow
    Her soul that have dictated to find
    Bundles of sunshine,
    Like a ancient magic she dream to shine like the sun
    Holding her little patels in her hands
    She chased after the sun like a sunflower
    When butterfly's fly they can't see their wings
    Just like that when a sunflower bloom...
    She can't see her shine
    Yet she knows where the wind blows
    Where the birds sing their songs like sweet rhyme
    Hope that she never forgets that she smells like
    Warm sunshine,
    She is joy full of feelings..
    Somedays of her life
    Even the darkness becomes light
    What am I even writing..
    It's not a autobiography it's a feeling
    Beyond all flower
    There she is a little sunflower
    Her sadness,her faded colours
    Even if she becomes underwear
    I'll bring her missing sun
    I don't let her strength will never be strained
    No matter how many words it takes
    Because she doesn't know her limits
    It's agonizing if i tell her
    Love scares me, it's must be a lie
    She gazed up her dazzling head
    Dyed the color of a yellow sunflower
    Her lonely soul whisper and the
    Tears blooms,
    Look at her now
    Cause she is no longer a unloved flower
    She is a little sunflower.