• _lost_words 93w


    Hope, hope is a dangerous thing to have, it drives people crazy?
    Some of you might be wondering why is he stating some line form a movie, or being so dramatic about it!
    Maybe, I'm being dramatic but it is something I believe.
    Hope to me is a word that is very to home,
    Almost close right?
    But is almost ever enough?
    Having hope to get home, is one thing
    But do you ever reach home?
    Do you?
    Or are you just always close to home!
    Like when you started.
    But never close enough,
    To be able to knock the door.

    I'm not trying to be a pessimist, it's just what I have known so far.
    But I have also known that

    Hope has different forms.
    Sometimes it's a human,
    You love or care for.
    Sometimes its birds chirping,
    In the morning, with a new life to start with.
    Sometimes it's a dream,
    Of being together.
    Sometimes it's the acceptance,
    Of letting someone go.

    Hope is also that smile you fake when you're forced to let someone go, that small silence you have in between every conversation with yourself, that believe of having things the way they were, that cigarette you just finished in a hope to get over someone, almost everything has hope in it.
    But then almost is never enough, is it?
    I don’t know.

    Let's come back to hope in the hope that you find the answer.