• shi8025 29w

    A story of Alec and Annie two people who are really opposite and far apart from each other.
    Still, they met coincidentally and frndship turned into a sweet relationship.
    #lovestory #longdistancerelationship #lovelife

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    A virtual date

    It's so strange, like how we all met?
    Some cross our roads in real or some through virtual world.

    Yes, in the same way...
    We two too met..
    A bit of coincidence or with some efforts.
    We are still together happy and cheerful in our own life...

    It once was so strange and too confusing for us.
    Means, how can be two people living in two different place can start understanding each other so well.

    Hiding each other's feelings, we still laughed and giggled...
    Since, we both are afraid to come in this long distance relationship...

    With our own bad experience around us..
    We still decided to be just friends and help each other..
    ( To be continued)