• anne_verse 10w

    I hate the way I love You
    You both fire and ice!
    So sharp!
    So strong!
    Hot and cold
    I would take them all

    I hate the way you love me
    It is all or nothing!
    It is life or death!
    And peace

    I hate myself for loving you
    The way I crave your presence
    That leaves me breathless,
    Engaged, and useless!
    The way I hate your presence
    Makes me wander into space!

    If this isn't Love!
    What else could it be.
    If this is what it takes to feel loved
    What else could it be?
    Should it be tasteless?
    Should it be nonsense!
    Should it drive me crazy?
    Or should it makes me sane?

    Tell me Love,
    Could this be Love?