• tomgirl 11w

    #self #poetry #life #self-expression #soul searching

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    I search me in me

    My perfect life doesn't lack any abundance,
    Still I think what it could be,
    My perfect house gives me perfect shelter,
    Still I search my home in somewhere else,
    The perfect me doesn't have any flaws,
    Still I don't know who I should be!!

    I take care of me greatly,
    I do all my work properly,
    I give myself enough time ,
    Still , in my perfect life there is no life,
    In the perfect me , there is no me!!
    I have everything I want but not me!!!

    I search me in me,
    I search me here and there,
    I search me into somebody else,
    Sometimes, I find me(not the whole , only a little glimpse)
    Sometimes I don't, and then I keep
    Walking in the road of life,
    With the no me in me!!!