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    // Re-uniting souls //

    We are separated on
    this empheral piece of land,
    In a spark of a moment,
    you slipped away from my hand.

    The sun was pale that day,
    I was left with no words to say,
    wonder why did it take only You ?
    Glimse of singularity peeping through.

    Sometimes I stay up sobbing all night,
    wish I would have hugged you really tight,
    had you known how much I cried,
    you probably would never have died,
    albiet death ripped us apart
    I love you still,
    there left a void in my heart
    that nobody can fill.

    I will let our love melt
    into memories and songs,
    it is not this place
    where we truly belong,
    let the final bid be as gentle as
    the petal of crimson rose,
    Let the silence confess the pain
    And let us not be parted again
    On the heavens, or elysian fields.

    The impulse scream of the pain
    sore above the clouds and abluted the sand,
    a new hope was born amidst this rain
    that our souls would re-unite
    in peaceful eternal land,
    Smiling at each other
    Holding hand in hand......!!!

    #love #memories #death #mirakeewriter

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