• _hardika 60w

    Romantic Rain

    Half carat diamond splashes
    sparkling from the clouds
    little puddles in the pavement
    little mirrors on the ground
    Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter
    As Sound Pops
    Cold endless silent tears
    Tolling down the window pane
    The earth is thirsty
    Longing for the rain

    Take a walk
    Feel the rain on my face
    Love that feeling
    Peace here, in my space
    Alone with my memories

    The lightening lights up the sky
    A beautiful sight

    Taste the rain on my lips
    Quenching my thirst
    Tiny little sips
    Mind fades slowly back
    Memories of sunshine slips

    The musty air sings a song
    In this heart of mine
    Puts a smile on my face
    Every single time

    So yes, I Love the Rain
    Medicine for my soul
    Kills my aching pain
    Again and again

    The Rain cleanses
    Paves my path
    A better way
    A new beginning
    A new day

    Raindrops from high above
    Deep inside my heart
    It's the Rain, I dearly love....
    My sweetheart...