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    Announcing the passing of a longtime, cherished member...

    Dear Fellow Mirakeeans,
    I come bearing some very startling and unexpected news, which I learned from my dear friend's mother @imterwms (whom is also my dear friend), whereupon she asked that I convey this to all of you.
    Jack (of @john_solomon), has been a writer, member, friend, mentor, encourager, and source of inspiration here for several years now. He enjoyed combining science, metaphysics, and spirituality in a poetic manner, and his admirable ability to do so was incomparable, and one that I'd not ever seen before.
    Like myself, Jack enjoyed supporting and encouraging the many youngsters here onsite, and he liked to laugh and always insisted on finding something positive, in any given situation; thus it wasn't too surprising that he and I would become dear friends.
    Since Jack and I spoke almost daily, his was a well known name in my home; and he knew of everyone here, including my husband (in fact, they're from the same state), my three children, and all of our cats and dogs. He made it a point to always ask about each of us, and he would rejoice with us in all of our happy moments, as well as pray for us in our times of challenge.
    Jack spent the majority of his time doing for others. He was a loving son and caretaker to his mother, a cherished brother to his two younger sisters, and a friend and mentor to all. He often donated his time and assistance to those in need; and much like Christ the Savior, whom he dearly loved, Jack led a humble life devoid of unnecessary material goods, yet if something was ever needed, he'd be the first person to make sure that you had it.
    Although Jack had just reached 51 years, he was a kid at heart and had a wonderful sense of humor, along with a boyish charm. He was also a self-proclaimed hippie who loved music profoundly, particularly that of the 70's and 80's. In fact, due to attending so many rock concerts, Jack had partial hearing loss in one ear, and he was rather proud that the damage had occurred at an Eric Clapton concert. ��
    Around here, Jack was known as the "haiku king," due to his fondness for haiku poetry, and his penchant for penning them. He preferred the Americanized version of the traditional Japanese haiku, which is a three line, non rhyming, untitled poem on the topic of nature that has a total of 17 syllables, dispersed as 5/7/5 respectively. So it was only natural that I'd include a haiku poem for him in this tribute piece. One that has him soaring amongst his beloved stars.
    In closing, I'm sure that members are shocked and have questions. All we know at this time is that Jack's death was not covid related. In fact, he seemed to be in very good health and had no known physical illness. Right now, the cause of his sudden, unexpected death on the evening of May 9th, is presumed to be a stroke, although the official coroner's report hasn't been released yet.
    Several of us (my husband and I, and Jack's sister) have already heard from Jack since he ascended from this world. Although no longer here on this Earth, his spirit lives on in an eternal dimension, existing outside of time and space, and he is very much at peace. So, although his loss is tremendous, he really hasn't gone very far, as he'll forever shine above us, as the heavens brightest star. Farewell, my dear friend. And no, I'm not nearly done lecturing you for leaving us so early!
    Admin Carolyn

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