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    The street corner itself,
    With 'Golgappa' and 'pao bhaji'.
    Girls are incomplete without it,
    As Goa is without Panji..

    The new generation is up,
    With 'momos' and 'manchurian'.
    Permanent places after tutions,
    Eating in one plate is a new couple goal..

    Happiness is forever,
    In mom's 'dal chawal'.
    'Halwa' and 'kheer' are mandatory,
    With Dadi's stories of Akbar & Birbal..

    Love is to see,
    'Pulav' and 'Masala dosa'.
    Whenever it's any occasion,
    Or a meal after a fast or roza..

    Ohh!! How can I forget,
    '30 min pizza' & '2 min maggie' .
    Saviors for hostellers..

    Whose lives are always daggy??
    'Samosa' and 'jalebi' are delicacies,
    In fixing 'Indian Rishtas' anywhere..

    With the above line it is clear,
    Yes, it is "WORLD FOOD DAY"...

    Penned by Shradha Warialani..
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    World food day..

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