• _scribbler 54w

    Lockdown Diaries.

    It's been so long..
    we were apart,
    With lost mind and crying heart
    Missing all the meetings and Long talks
    Every single day was like a dreadful war

    Then, one day..
    He suddenly called and said-
    "hey, come outside the house,"
    I stood up and ran out
    My heart was beating so fast
    I was literally able to feel my heart
    pounding in my chest,
    current passing through my body
    And the moment I saw him..
    Rest of the world disappeared
    That missing feeling disappeared
    That ache in my heart disappeared
    All the pain was gone,
    And Everything just felt right.

    I always knew that..
    But that day I again discerned that,
    Maybe I'll survive but can't live without him��


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