• littlemisssunshine 52w

    Demon's Play

    What if,
    We break that very lock
    of the trapped heavy jammed chest,
    and train our inside
    to believe in such vast
    expansion of the horizon to trust.
    Tasting the drops of freedom
    As it pours from the sky
    Head held high;
    yet much grounded,
    with the broad trunks
    guarding as shields,
    and the branches
    showing off their organs
    like weapons with ease.

    Demarking zones for each demon;
    Hence none can create a collision
    or come in between pathways.
    To operate in order
    not in simultaneous fashion
    So that we can buy in some time,
    for our old negotiation.

    Let's sit down,
    saving strength
    at an unhurried pace.
    And for the very first time
    hear them ,reason out.
    All of the
    Whatever they have for us,
    piled up in debris of demolition,
    enough to sneeze for
    on their occasional demonic celebration.

    Lets take them down
    one by one,
    As they higher their
    guilty conscience,
    For it took years to build up this
    Barricaded fort of patience.

    Tell them that you met by an accident
    And you know, they are not here to stay
    Tell them you fear not anymore
    No matter how much they play.
    Through years
    Their hands have wrinkled,
    Their eyes got blurred,
    They can't even walk straight,
    Hence their story too once woven
    Can't run in loop as a bait.

    Neither can they hide in you,
    Nor will you forcefully confide in them.
    The inside is much lit now
    Darkness long gone
    Alas! their reasoning of the reasons;
    never won.
    Connecting bridges are blocked;
    Untying the parasitic knot.
    And the chaotic chain stopped,
    As we drowned our own fear clot.