• shantanu1992 54w

    How can you be so stone hearted,
    How can you come so hard on me
    How the sacred love vaporized into the air
    How can u flee from me.

    Come to see these trickling tears
    Make a visit to witness the pain
    How can you turn your face away
    Don't come to say you love me
    Come to hear that I love you

    Don't come to hold my hand if you donot wish,
    Come atleast to let me gaze upon you
    Softly, gently, intermittently
    On your laughing face, on your sleeping face
    And into those eyes glittering with grace.

    Don't come for the sake of future if you do not wish
    Come for the sake of moments we shared in the past.
    Moments of love, dream and of little squabbles.
    Come not to kiss me, hug me, not to make love,
    Come just to be there, your presence is enough.
    In the vicinity of me, in the surrounding of mine

    Wht though if i m not married to you,
    Isn't love enough to hold us together.
    If you do not wish don't come to live with me
    Come atleast to put me to death.