• rodney 8w

    22nd February, 2021.
    12:50 a.m.

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    As I am, as I leave.

    I'm vulnerable when you're around.

    I stumble,
    All over my words and actions,
    When you're around.

    I mumble,
    When I'm asleep or when I'm
    half-awake past

    For you are just a figment of my

    For my love would only tear
    you down in the end.

    So I stay away,
    Far away from your overwhelming presence.

    To let you know of how I feel could
    only be done here;

    For to carry everything inside—
    Is suffocating my heart and mind.

    To hold you close can be dangerous to
    you in the end.

    So I leave you where you are,
    To only come home and play fetch with my life.

    For what happens to love,
    If you tend to destroy everything that you caress?

    I'll leave you be,
    Where you are at your best.

    I'll walk far,
    Far away from your chances of calling you mine.

    To show myself vulnerable would only betide my heart and gush to my eyes.

    I'm a mystical lie in your eyes.

    Go and live your life.

    For my heart came not to share,
    But to bear and break what it has.