• theerthapavithrangayathri 61w

    (part-4 To Their Story)

    I could see my nani's face tinting its colour from brighter to the brightest while reading my note. I awe, what's there too much to read in that little piece of shit .Her eyes were showing the same dancing effect that my devi mam makes while checking my blundered maths answer sheet. Plenty of seconds passed and then she sighed looking at me curiously wishing to say some untold secret of her life."can we go for a walk. Radha said that our garden has grown three coloured roses. Come lets get a peep of it." Why was she behaving like a scavenger. Here I am talking about a very serious issue of my life and there she is asking me to join her for spending her leisure time in a garden. That's weird. "Are you making fun of me, or did you felt like my precise dream can't be fulfilled" I rebuked. "Ziya what shall could I tell you? Your dream is really big. As big as my dream was once. You took me back to that phantoms of remembrance that I had cremated deep inside the core of my heart. I too had mused once as the same way you does today. Ziya, everyone has a dream but not everyone can make it possible by endeavouring those barriers that would arise in between its process. You see your nana?" She said pointing to that man peacefully enjoying his tea and listening his favourite music from his old gramophone under a huge mango tree of his garden."We both shared the same story. Would you like to hear our story? The story of our dreams."